Multi-Axis CNC Milling

We set out to focus on multi-axis cnc milling and have finally done it!  Full 5 axis cnc milling with probing and 8 station pallet changer for lights out machining.  We have even equipped it with cameras and a text message system that informs a recipient of cycle completion or tool breakage.

Prototype to Production

We work with our customers on product development and offer our advice for enhanced quality and cost effectiveness during the manufacturing phase.


A floating collet allows this 14″ long part to be indicated true to machine centerline.

Stainless Steel Window Latch

This was a rush job that supplied our customer components to test before mass production in die cast form.

New Machining Strategies

Cutting 4340 Steel with air-through-spindle cooling can prove to be interesting.  The 3D milling of this component produced chips fine enough to glow red hot.  High performance tooling and toolpath keeps the heat in the chip, not the part or the tool.  This eliminates distortion of the component and long tool life.

Turn-Key Products

More than just a machine shop, we can handle finishing and packing requirements to streamline production processes.

Efficient Tooling

We dedicate ourselves to using the most efficient tooling and machinery for the task at hand.  Knowing what our machinery is capable of helps us be prepared for unique job or customer requirements before the need arises.

Experience Matters!

3″ round, 34″ long shaft.  Stub Acme threads.  Material from Texas, then a trip to the gun driller in Wisconsin.  This metal has seen more miles than most people take on a two week road trip.  Not exactly a job for a rookie!

Embracing Technologies

Adding in-process inspection and verification helps KPI keep quality high and defects low.

Always up to something...

Hey, why not!  Yeah, it’s a real Commodore 64 with our old logo!

Custom? We can deliver!

These CNC routers were scratch built to customer specification and budget.  Aside from that, we designed and built the fixturing and then programmed and produced each first article on site.

Customer Specification

At first glance, you might think the finish in the middle is rough.  Guess what?  That’s what they wanted, and bigger stepover = less time to cut.   Don’t pay for what you don’t need!  In this case, only the raised areas required a smoother finish.  This is actually a left and right hand set of components clamped together for this operation.  Why not machine them at the same time?!

Big Bolt!

A bolt made of B16 steel for the mining industry.  Spray can to show size.

Big or small, we cut it all!

We use little ball mills like this for many deburring operations in our CNC mills.  This saves time, improves appearance and eliminates human errors often caused hand finishing.

Thought to Finish

Our customer needed some holes in a molded part.  They specified hand operated motions with standard air powered tools.  We designed this drill guide on CAD and they accepted the design.  Having much experience in producing mechanical components allows us to quickly adapt to make/buy situations and offer unique ideas to our customers.

Custom Tooling

This tool was designed with custom made parts welded to the body.  We advised to make it from 1 piece of steel.  That eliminated extra labor and finishing time.  Not to mention the ability for an extra operation to cost valuable time and increase liability for defects.   The nut however, was welded to the threaded shaft.  That did make sense…

Full Simulation on Cad/Cam

We know if we have a machine interference with tooling before we even start cutting.  This is key when dealing with elaborate 5 axis milling, and is used on our 4 axis machines when any doubt about conflicts arise.

Passion for Metalworking

Eric Pine finished his first CAD/CAM courses in 2005.  Immediately after realizing the potential of the new software packages for manufacturing, he set out on a project to enhance his skill with a challenging project.  He found plans for a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, gasoline powered engine.  Dale Detrich offered plans and he quickly went to work.  Every item on the engine was manufactured aside from the screws and spark plugs.  Dale made those!  —Yes, it runs!—

One of a Kind

These connecting rods didn’t exist.  Built for a Thor motorcycle engine rebuild, they required a few fixture plates to produce.  We informed the customer that we could engrave their logo on the sides, and they were thrilled to have that option at no extra cost!

Just in Case....

Wether you serialized stamping or a feline photo engraved on your part, we can do it!